• Real-time systems
  • ULTRA FAST web front/back ends
  • Databases & data warehousing
  • Trading systems, platforms & BO
  • Integrations
  • Retail/wholesale e-commerce


  • EXTREME servers for trading - Intel 5 GHz
  • POWER database servers
  • Hosting globally - also at cloud providers
  • Backup & DR infrastructure
  • Monitoring infrastructure
  • Communication infrastructure : E-Mail, IM, VoIP


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • System health dashboards
  • Instant response to an incident
  • Periodic system health emails
  • System administration
  • System & network security

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Chicago & Nationwide

Various organizations and trading shops, capital firms in Chicago spend enourmous sums for IT needs sometimes quite wastefully.

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We develop and consult on variety of software solutions.
From trading servers to web front-ends. From data warehousing to back office systems.
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We provide hardware and software infrastructure.
From website hosting to dedicated power servers. From basic OS to complex deployments.
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